Sitges is located on the Mediterranean coast, 35 km south of Barcelona. The villa is situated at the southern end of the Garraf Massif National Park.
Sitges has always been a place that has captivated artists, tourists and general visitors from across the globe. For many, the secret is its light; as many noted painters, sculptors and writers settled there in the late nineteenth century.
In a unique environment where the most suitable urban facilities are combined with the advantages of the Mediterranean coast, Sitges is the perfect place for conferences, conventions and an inspirational travel site.

Sitges has a wonderful 17 beaches to walk along. Each has its own personality and conviniences necessary to suit a wide range of people. We have found small and quiet coves, wide beaches of fine sand and urban beaches overlooking the historic centre. Located within walking distance by foot, Sitges also has three Marinas: Aiguadolç , Garraf and Ginesta.
Strolling through the streets of Sitges you will discover an interesting set of architectural gems and unique buildings. The town of Sitges love to host traditional festivals with great intensity and very popular amongst locals and visitors. One of the most well known and popular is the International Film Festival held in October.