A Spanish company on the move

Adventures has been built by a highly experienced team, incorporating 25 years of experience, organising and running group activities and now they bring the same excitement to the Sitges area. We have recently expanded up the coastline to the Barcelona and hope to expand to another 1-3 locations within the next 5 years. Adventures is run by a strong team of business entrepreneurs and a great team of managers in the local areas. Check out the ‘Meet our team’ page to learn more.

Meet our Team

Regina Malles Ekman
Regina Malles EkmanManager
Born in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) in 1983, Regina is currently the manager of the company. She studied a Bachelor of Marine Sciences at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and has worked on a project that is dedicated to studying and disseminating the whales and dolphins of the island of Gran Canaria. She’s a advanced diver, freediving instructor and boat pilot. She is passionate about underwater photography and has won several awards as a photographer and as a model. Currently she is located in Sitges, but has lived in Sweden the last two years where she has collaborated with the company Kullabergsguiderna and Special Sport School together with Joachim Persson and Marcus Petersson, founders of Adventures Sitges.
Joachim Persson
Joachim PerssonFounder
Born in Sweden in 1962 Joachim is a construction engineer and instructor for Special Forces in the Swedish Army.
During a ten year period in the 80’s and 90′s Joachim performed several international expeditions – one of his proudest; he is the only one in the world who has been hang-gliding from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mont Blanc in the European Alps.
He has used the experiences of these expeditions in the development of all his events’ companies.
Since 1986 Joachim has worked full time to build up various adventure companies and currently runs six different companies in Sweden, Denmark, South Africa and Spain.
In addition he holds instructor qualifications in: mountaineering, cce climbing, hang gliding, sea kayaking and enduro racing.
Marcus Petersson
Marcus PeterssonFounder
Marcus started his working life as an engineer but has been working in the hospitality industry all his life.
Marcus is the founder of FirstCamp, a Swedish chain of campsites & bungalows that has 14 destinations and over one million guest per year. Marcus has since moved on to other pursuits including spending more time outdoors and doing his favourite sports; skiing, watersports and hunting. He is also a qualified PADI & NAUI diving instructor.
Mini sub ”Spiggen” i never got to dive with but I served time in the Swedish Submarine HMS ub Östergötland.


Adventures staff and management have a solid and professional interest in adventure and outdoor activities.

Below you can see a small sample of the company's adventure.


Ski touring to Kilimanjaro


Hanggliding on top of Mt Blanc, France


Hang gliding at Mt Blanc, France

Regina apnea

Freediving in Gran Canaria, Spain

Regina and whales

Freediving with Whales


Roadracing in BRNO, Czech Republic


Off Road in Baviaanskloof, South Africa

M3 e46 Knutstorp

Car racing in Knutstorp, Sweden


Climbing on Matterhorn, Switzerland


Kayak in Molle, Sweden


Glacier climbing in Italy


Ice climbing, north of Sweden


Storm surfing in Molle, Sweden

DSC_2782 2

Surfing in Vik, Sweden

Irland 2012 5

Surfing in Mullaghmore, Ireland


Longboarding in Malaga, Spain


Heli-sking in Uzbekistan


Powder in Whistler BC, Canada

Regina scuba 2

Diving in Gran Canaria


Hang gliding on top of Kilimanjaro


Off road in Lesotho